The Intelligent Enterprise: What It Is and How to Get There

Canadian companies are striving toward building the intelligent enterprise (IE). This InfoBrief examines the progress of IE Leaders and details the benefits gained from their digital journey.

Becoming a Best-Run Midsize Wholesale Distributor Intelligent Capabilities Drive Differentiation

As wholesale distributors continue to adapt to the digital economy, they are looking for new and more efficient ways to drive revenue, empower employees, and respond to customer needs. Companies of all sizes are moving to become “intelligent enterprises,” and many midsize wholesale distributors are leveraging digital transformation to leap ahead of larger competitors.

Becoming a Best-Run Retail Company How Growing Midsize Retailers Use Technology to Empower Employees and Wow Customers

Retailers need to anticipate and respond to customer needs by maintaining seamless and convenient customer-facing processes. That means adding customer-360 programs grounded in common customer data and commerce approaches, augmented with the latest technology.

Becoming a Best-Run Professional Services Company How Growing Midsize Firms Use Technology and Innovation to Succeed

High-performing professional services firms are more focused on their strategic direction and understanding the financial needs of the firm as they prepare for new business processes in their organizations. As they adopt new contracting models such as outcome-based pricing or “pay per use” pricing, they must adapt their financial systems to accommodate these changes.

Becoming a Best-Run Midsize Discrete Manufacturing Company Succeeding in an Evolving Market with Intelligent Technology

Discrete manufacturers are facing major, previously unseen disruption to the industry. Historically, differentiation and value were derived primarily through innovation at the product level – but this is no longer the case.

The Finance Role in Best-Run Midsize Companies: Improving Decision Making Using Intelligent Technologies

Finance leaders play an important role in the digital transformation (DX) journey, helping their companies bring new value to their decisions with more insights and guidance. Digitally transformed finance teams use intelligent technologies to improve timely decision making, create repeatable operational process capabilities, and empower knowledge workers to engage in higher-value business activities.

A Vision & Pathway to the Intelligent Enterprise

The "intelligent enterprise" is a strategy, detailed in this iView, that enables organizations to transform data into action across all lines of business — driving process automation and innovation, unlocking new areas of growth, and delivering exceptional experiences.

Employee Experience Management Is the Next Frontier

Employee experiences are made up of moments that matter from the first interaction as candidates until the time employees exit or retire. Effective management of the employee experience involves continuously capturing employee feedback and then — based on the insights — acting with precision and in real-time to drive ongoing improvements.

The Intelligent Enterprise: A New Foundation for Organizations Globally

Legacy systems are no longer satisfying business needs because of inefficient access to fresh data, archaic business processes, and constant configuration changes. Many companies have accumulated "technical debt" defined as unfunded critical technology liabilities including the risks associated with legacy systems that need to be retired, replaced, or modernized. To move beyond this state, enterprises are enabling a new technology foundation utilizing what IDC calls intelligent ERP applications, or i-ERP.